Why Project Based Learning May be Right for Your Child

We’re excited to share a video with you about project-based learning (otherwise known as PBL), and why it can be effective for your children. Ted Fujimoto, Managing Director at EF International Advisors and one of the Founders of the New Tech Network of Schools, joined us at our 2nd Virtual Congress we hosted earlier this month and provided two days of interdisciplinary learning for current and future Apex Care Professionals. With over 60 speakers presenting across two days, our Congress is just one of the ways we continue to educate and inspire our Care Professionals, supporting them in helping your children reach their full potential. View below:

Fun Activities For a Cold Winter’s Day!

We all understand how important it is to provide children with engaging and stimulating activities as they continue to develop. But how can this be accomplished when the weather is not ideal? In preparation for a long winter ahead, here are some activities to help provide your host children with fun-filled best snow days! Building… Read more

Pumpkin Mania!

It’s officially autumn which means the annual flurry of pumpkin spice everything is well underway! All joking aside, this is a wonderful time of year to take advantage of this festive gourd and to teach your kids about the seasonality of fruits and vegetables. Here are some fun ways that you can eat, play with… Read more