Overview of Host Family Process

Apex PROcare provides helpful advice and guidance at every step of the matching process so you can be confident you are selecting the right candidate. We take the time to get to know you and your family’s unique needs so that we can personalize our service to fit you. After matching, Apex PROcare arranges all arrival logistics, including online training and onboarding, and then provides local support once your Care Professional begins the placement.

Our PROmatch Process

Complete a needs assessment online

The first step to finding the perfect Care Professional is to tell us about your family and what you are looking for. Once we receive your information, a PROcare Family Consultant will contact you.

Speak to a PROcare Family Advisor

Our knowledgeable Family Consultant will take the time to get to know you. In addition to learning more about your children and their needs, we’ll find out more about your family’s unique personality, likes and dislikes.  We want to have a complete understanding of the type of care your family requires and what special skills and experience you are looking for. This is also a great time for you to ask questions and learn more about us and our offerings.

Sign a family agreement

We believe in creating strong relationships with our families based on personalized service, transparency and trust. The Family Agreement outlines our policies and procedures in detail so you have a complete understanding of the commitment before making an investment.

Submit your family’s references

Complete your application process by submitting one personal and one professional reference who are available to speak to an Apex PROcare staff member by phone.

Interview Care Professionals

We source and recruit Care Professionals from across the United States and US territories with strong backgrounds, education and experience to meet the needs of our families. We also conduct personalized recruitment searches for certain families that need a very specific caregiver. We’ll present you with the caregivers we feel are the best fit and you’ll have the opportunity to conduct personal interviews with them. We find that a thorough, thoughtful interview is a must when hiring your child care provider. The interview is your opportunity to learn more about your candidate’s background, experience and compatibility with your family. We’ll provide you with helpful information and tips so your time spent interviewing will be productive and informative.

Select a Care Professional and make an offer to match

Now for the exciting part! Extend a job offer to your favorite candidate. Once you and a Care Professional mutually agree to match, we’ll arrange all the details.

Apex PROcare handles travel details

You and your Care Professional will decide on the start date and from there, we’ll arrange for their transportation to your local airport. Once your caregiver’s airline ticket has been booked, you’ll receive an email from us with the itinerary so that you can make plans for their arrival.

Welcome your Care Professional to your home

Create a warm welcome for your Care Professional! We have resources available to support and guide you through the employment onboarding process. From preparing a meaningful small gift, to designing a welcome banner with the children…showing your appreciation goes a long way. Once your caregiver has arrived, our team is here to provide you with great support all year long.

We’re here to help you!