Family Stories

Watch inspiring stories of parents whose lives have been changed by hiring an Apex care professional.

Professional Special Needs Care Stories

Meet the McBride Family from Baltimore, Maryland

Meet the Ruxin Family from San Francisco, California

Meet the Adler Family from Norwalk, Connecticut

Autism: Meet Ben & Occupational Therapist Bianca

Cerebral Palsy: Meet Mira & Physical Therapist Laura

ADHD: Meet Griffin & Male Pediatric Nurse Benjamin

Autism: Meet Mikey & Occupational Therapist Anja

Special Needs: Meet Kai & Occupational Therapist Lydia

Severe Special Needs: Meet Trevor & Occupational Therapist Sandra

Severe Special Needs: Meet Bella & Occupational Therapist Johanna

Severe Special Needs: Meet Devon & Occupational Therapist Nicole

Professional Infant & Toddler Care Stories

Infant Care: Meet Christopher & Pediatric Nurse Kristina

Toddler Care: Meet Eric & Pre-school Teacher Ina

Infant Care: Meet Uli’s Family & Pediatric Nurse Alex

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