Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Apex care professional?

Our American Care Professionals have degrees or training in fields such as occupational, physical or speech therapy, education or special education, nursing, ABA therapy and more. They live with an American family and provide full-time live-in childcare. Our Care Professionals are highly motivated to apply their skills and training to support the children of their host families in their daily lives, as they recognize the exponential growth in their own professional learning at the same time.

Our previous participants believe their work experience with an Apex family has helped them to grow both professionally and personally. They have gained a greater focus into an area they want to specialize in and have learned additional skills from the child’s team of therapists. Our caregivers enjoyed the opportunity to live with a family, explore a new city, and have become more mature, confident and independent. And most importantly, our Care Professionals love working with children!

In order to participate in our program, candidates have to enjoy working with children, demonstrate at least 400 hours of childcare experience, and have a degree or be working on a degree in an educational, medical or therapeutic field. Most often candidates have degrees or training in fields such as occupational, physical or speech therapy, education or special education, nursing, ABA therapy and more.

Yes, we do have male candidates. Many host families choose a male Care Professional, especially families who have male children or older children with special needs.

Every family is unique and the time it takes to match varies depending on your requirements and desired start date. Apex PROcare works with our existing candidate network as well as conducts personalized recruitment to meet your family’s unique needs and requirements. We encourage you to start your search as early as possible in order to secure the perfect fit.

Helping you to make a great match is of utmost importance. This is why Apex PROcare is one of the few agencies that uses “The Color Code” personality assessment tool. The world is made up of different personalities and some personalities work better together than others. As part of the matching process, Apex PROcare provides Care Professionals and families with a short personality quiz to help determine compatibility. We have found that the color code test results help families and caregivers understand one another better and find the right fit during the matching process leading to a high level of satisfaction for the duration of the placement.

Yes, if your Care Professional is required or permitted to drive your car, you will need to add her/him as a driver to your car insurance policy. The Host Family Agreement details insurance requirements.

Apex PROcare has a network of local Area Directors in our major metropolitan communities across the United States. Your Area Director will provide valuable services like conducting an arrival orientation for you and your Care Professional, supporting you throughout the year if problems arise, and planning fun monthly activities for your Care Professional. In addition to our Area Director team, we offer personalized service and support from our customer care team.

Apex PROcare maintains a 24/7 support line in the event of an accident or other emergency. Simply call 1-844-787-6566 and follow the instructions to be connected with an Apex PROcare staff member who can offer assistance.

We’re here to help you!