Payroll and Tax Support

As hiring a domestic Care Professional requires adherence to domestic labor laws, Apex PROcare encourages you to review this Household Employer Worksheet to fully understand your obligations. While they are common, they are unfamiliar to many of us and it’s good to have a grasp of what is required. The worksheet includes a budget calculator to help you estimate your employer taxes and identify tax breaks. And while you are not required to provide health insurance for your Care Professional, you can choose to contribute to their policy as an additional way for you to attract and retain the most qualified talent for your family. 

If you don’t want to be responsible for handling it all, we have partnered with the household employment specialists at HomePay to offer you a streamlined way to handle your Care Professional’s payroll and tax preparation.

As the nation’s leading payroll and tax firm for household employers, you can rely on HomePay’s comprehensive service to ensure your employee is paid timely and that year-end tax preparation is handled correctly. They can also offer unemployment benefits and provide a traceable employment history for your Care Professional. In addition, they can direct you on how to take advantage of tax breaks you can leverage to offset some, if not all, of your employer taxes. 

We also appreciate their “happiness guarantee,” which means that if HomePay doesn’t meet your expectations for an all-in-one care provider payroll and tax service during your first six months of use, they will refund your payments for their services.

Complimentary Consultation

Apex PROcare has arranged for you to receive a complimentary consultation. We encourage you to contact them for a free consultation.

Learn More About HomePay’s Comprehensive Service

  • Calculate employee tax withholdings and track all federal and state employer taxes
  • Prepare and distribute pay stubs 
  • Prepare federal and state tax returns and ensure employer and employee taxes are remitted to the IRS accurately and on time
  • Create and distribute Form W-2 at year end 
  • Prepare and file all required year-end forms with the state and the Social Security Administration
  • Prepare Schedule H and file with federal income tax return 
  • Keep you in compliance with ever-changing household employment tax laws
  • Offer fast and timely assistance by tax specialists
  • Provide secure online account management and share timely information over email
  • Estimate your employer taxes & identify tax breaks

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