Personality Assessment Tool

Apex PROcare’s mission is to recruit caregivers with professional backgrounds so that families can count on extremely high caliber care for their children. Successful placements require that the family and care professional be compatible, especially given the live-in aspect of the program.

Apex PROcare uses the Dr. Hartman Personality Assessment test known as “The Color Code” to help parents gain a deeper understanding of their own personalities and those of the candidates they are interested in. The Color Code is required for all candidates applying to the program. Apex PROcare families can take the Color Code and receive their personality assessment at the time of application.

The Color Code

Red (Power)

Reds are the power wielders and getting things done is what motivates them. They are responsible, decisive, and proactive.

Blue (Intimacy)

Blues are the do-gooders and creating quality relationships and having purpose is what motivates them. They are loyal, sincere, and thoughtful.

White (Peace)

Whites are the peacekeepers and staying calm and balanced in a crisis is what motivates them. They are kind, adaptable and good listeners.

Yellow (Fun)

Yellows are the fun lovers and living life in the moment is what motivates them. They are charismatic, spontaneous and sociable.

Learn more about the Color Code from Apex PROcare’s Founder Susan Asay

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