The average cost of a full-time, live-in American Care Professional hired through Apex PROcare will vary depending on your employment model choice, the type of Care Professional needed, and your local market rates. Our agency fee includes all costs of recruitment, screening, and onboarding, along with ongoing support from the Apex Team.

While the benefits of hiring a live-in American Care Professional are great, this child care option also brings the extra responsibilities of becoming a household employer. At Apex PROcare, we offer two models in order to best support you, as seen below. Whichever model you choose, we remain engaged with your Care Professional, including them in our global Apex Social Community for ongoing support, education & training, career development and more. This community is a big reason why Apex Care Professionals choose to work with us and how we attract top talent for your family.

Apex PROcare as
Referral & Support Agency

In this model, we follow the roadmap of our international professional au pair business, where we recruit, screen, refer, match and support the candidate for you, yet you will be the direct employer. The key difference is that hiring an American household employee triggers different legal responsibilities. 

If you are like many busy parents who are already juggling full schedules, it can be overwhelming to learn and make sure you’re in compliance with all domestic labor laws. We have partnered with the household employment specialists at HomePay to support our clients with the payroll, tax, and HR aspects of employing a Care Professional. Our partnership includes a free HomePay trial, which will take care of all the required setup steps (federal & state household employer tax account setup, employee onboarding paperwork) and your first month of service.

Apex PROcare as
Direct Employer

Apex PROcare can assume the responsibility of being the direct employer of the Care Professional. As the employer, Apex PROcare handles all the important aspects of employment including payroll, taxes, insurance, and compliance with all domestic labor laws. We offer the caregiver access to competitive employee benefits including comprehensive health care and a 401K retirement plan. By taking care of the employer responsibilities, we free you up to focus on what matters most – time with your family. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your employee obligations are met and that your caregiver is safe and secure.

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