Founder’s Story

Apex PROcare is a boutique domestic in-home childcare agency dedicated to matching American families with experienced American professional caregivers to live in their homes. Our unique program ensures that families can find the right caregiver with professional experience to match their needs, whether they have a new baby, multiples, a toddler or a child with special needs.

Apex PROcare is the newest division of the Apex global family, which also includes Apex PROaupair, an international au pair agency designated by the US Department of State placing professional au pairs in America, Apex Professional Exchange which places caregivers in Australia, and Apex Social Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit promoting education, travel and cultural exchange for Care Professionals. 

Susan Asay, our founder and CEO, started Apex PROaupair after she had her first child. Originally from Germany, but a long-time resident of California, Susan learned first hand the challenges that American working parents face looking for quality childcare.

A Letter from Apex Founder and CEO, Susan Asay

Dear Host Family,

As a mother of three children, a demanding career and with no local family support, I personally understand the challenges that families face looking for high quality childcare. Not only is it time consuming, it is also a very difficult and emotional process to navigate alone.

Since founding Apex Professional American Exchange in 2008, I’ve hosted multiple Care Professionals in my own home and our company has matched hundreds of families with thousands of Care Professionals. Over the years, our experiences have taught us a great deal about the caregiver and host family relationship, and we’ve learned so much about what helps that relationship to be successful.

Whether you need a Care Professional to help with your first baby, toddlers, twins, or a child with special needs, you can rely on us to provide your family with the same peace of mind that my family – and hundreds of other Apex families – have experienced in the last twelve years. We are committed to finding you qualified help for your home.

I am excited that we have now expanded our program to offer young Americans trained in educational, medical or therapeutic fields as part of our care professional program and expect it to be a pillar of our future.

We are here to support you throughout your journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. I sincerely wish you all the best, and hope that your live-in care professional experience is one that you will value for a lifetime!

With warm regards,

Susan Asay
Founder and CEO
Apex PROcare

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